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The CCGS website was created on April 4, 2008 and has as it's webmaster, CCGS Board Member Joan (Pearson) Blood

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Follow-up to Our 2010 Annual Meeting

I wanted to take time and let you readers know that our CCGS Annual Meeting last Sunday went superbly.

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee for a great 'virtual' Presentation. With his knowledge of genealogy and computer skills, Thomas shared a lot of information in an hour for us, as a Genealogical Society, and as individuals. I would encourage any that wants to move forward with genealogy and technology to 'get to know' Thomas. He definitely goes 'the extra mile' to help others.

After Thomas' Presentation our Society had a brief meeting with our Society President Nelvin Sloman officiating. We had our annual election of 2011 board members with Denise Winter taking over the post of retiring Rosella Brookens.

Although Rosella will continue to be active with the Society we want to Thank Rosella for her years of service with the CCGS and are looking forward to many more.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Annual Meeting - Guest Speaker

We at the Christian Co., IL. Genealogical Society (CCGS) will again have our Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 2:00pm in the Pence Bldg. of the Christian County Historical Society & Museum (CCHS).

(for those of you who do not know are location, the CCHS is located on the East side of Taylorville, IL. near the junction of Routes 48/29, right in front of 'Super 8 Motel'. For gps people the Pence building is N39-33.200  W89-16620.

This year, the CCGS guest speaker, Thomas MacEntee will give us his presentation 'virtually' from Chicago. There will be a Q&A period following his presentation.

Thomas, who many know from Geneabolggers fame and presents his seminars through his business 'High Definition Genealogy'. MacEntee is a professional genealogist specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogical research and interaction with others in the family history community, and relies on his 25 years of experience in the information technology field.

Thomas maintains memberships in a multitude of Genealogical organizations including his appointment to the Governing Board of the Illinois State Genealogical Society as Publicity Chair, where he is tasked with developing the social media plan to disseminate news about ISGS activities. 

Thomas is also very active on Facebook and traveling the U.S. giving genealogical seminars to genealogical Societies.

We, at the CCGS, are very happy to have Thomas as our guest speaker, knowing that he will present some very valuable information to us, and You who attend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8th Annual Cemetery Walk

For the past seven years the CCGS has had a Cemetery Walk in Oak Hill Cemetery (Taylorville). This year the CCGS Board decided to have it at another cemetery and chose the Morrisonville Cemetery.

Our cemetery guru, Shirley Dilly, contacted Bill & Dorothy Bullard of Morrisonville to see if they would be interested in helping - They were elated she asked. (Bill & Dorothy have been main-stays of Morrisonville most of their lives and operate the Morrisonville Historical Society.) The Morrisonville Historical Society will also be open during the day of the Cemetery Walk for your viewing pleasure.

A location google map with cemetery coordinates:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Long wait

I've been threatening to start a blog for the Society for some time now. Well, here it is!!! (Further into this blog I'll be referring to the Christian County Genealogical Society as CCGS). As this is our first I'll give you a synopsis of who we are:

We have monthly Board Meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm being held in the Pence Bldg. of the Christian County Historical Museum . . . anyone is welcome to attend. I will add that the people on the CCGS Board are some of the greatest you'll ever meet! Our board meetings are enthusiastic and enjoyable with everyone participating. All of our Board members have been residents of Christian County all their lives so know quite a bit of the county. I think I'm the only 'implant', coming from Springfield,

Researching Is available during our opening hours Thurs.-Sat. 10:00am - 3:00pm from April to December. December thru March only on Saturday's 10:00am - 3:00pm. We also have free wireless H.S. internet service for your researching pleasure.

I've been with the CCGS for about 6 years and I'm still amazed at the amount of material we have available in our Library. We've also a notebook entitled "Library Holdings", also on our website, with every publication we have listed, whether it pertains to Christian County or other counties/states.

For those of you who cannot come to our library we have as our genealogist, Jeanette Johnson, who you can contact via for researching our records or you can contact her via snail mail.

A Microfilm reader / printer is also available for use with our microfilm collections. And we keep adding microfilm as we get the funding. A copy machine is available also.
Last year the CCGS added a 'Names List' which is a list of all names listed in our Quarterlies, along with which Quarterly they are in, from the first Quarterly the Society published (Winter 1983) thru 2008. Although we can't say what you'll find listed about your relative we feel this is a valuable listing. (This was quite an undertaking in that the lists would not scan and had to be copied. Thanks to 2 of the CCGS Board Members, Lynda Sparling & Denise Winter for doing that.

Denise Winter has been working with Oak Hill Cemetery(in Taylorville), getting their records up to date and 'photographing' each gravestone in the cemetery. Joan (Pearson) Blood, our webmaster, has also photographed 14 of the cemeteries in Christian County and posted the photo's on our website. 

One project the CCGS is working on is an 'All Names Listing' of all the different names lists we have accumulated over the years into one file. (This will be an on-going project, posted on our website in the near future.)

Funding for the CCGS is made only thru membership and the publications we sell. We are a non-profit organization. Right now you can only buy our publications, listed on the CCGS website via snail-mail, but I have hopes of having a 'store' via this blog, where you can order via on-line.

Till next time - ChuckC.